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U.S. economy in a snapshot - New York Fed

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York recently published its monthly report titled 'U.S. Economy in a Snapshot', with the key quotes, via its official website, found below:


  • While real consumer spending rose at a modest pace in May, data still suggest a notable pickup in consumption growth in Q2 compared to Q1.
  • Auto sales have continued to slow this year from the strong pace of 2016.
  • Capital spending indicators suggest rather sluggish growth for business equipment spending in Q2, with signals of only modest near-term momentum.
  • Housing activity data indicate that the gradual recovery in this sector is being maintained, while surveys generally signal a solid pickup in manufacturing activity.
  • Payroll growth was solid in June. The unemployment rate, the employment-to-population ratio and the labor force participation rate all increased slightly. Growth in labor compensation measures remains subdued.
  • Recent monthly readings on PCE inflation remain soft, suggesting a pause in the progress toward the FOMC’s longer-run objective.
  • U.S. equity indexes were little changed overall, while the nominal yield on the 10-year Treasury note has moved up since late June. The trade-weighted index for the U.S. dollar and the price of oil have been relatively stable.

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